COPE Studio is a design consultancy based in Cologne and Hamburg, working in the fields of art, culture and business. With an international design practice, it has set itself the task of giving shape to contemporary visual culture.

New project: Every Dog has it’s day. A Fanzine by Arno Beck and Philip Gerald.

All projects:

Jérôme Boateng

Creating BOA, the magazine by Jérôme Boateng

Museum MARTa Herford

Museum Unplugged, celebrating 10 years MARTa Herford

Arno Beck

me, myself and AI

COPE Studio

Developing kinetic type experiments


Communicate Italy’s most coveted car brand

COPE Studio

Creating three-dimensional experiences

Govert Flinck – Reflecting History

Museum Kurhaus Kleve

How the painter Govert Flinck reflects history

NEON Magazine

The story of germanys most successful youth magazine

Deutsche Bahn

DB mobil, creating a faithful travel companion


The Magazine for young families

COPE Studio

Designing your own merchandise

ZDF info

Developing a campaign for a German TV channel

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