COPE Studio is a progressing design practice based in Cologne and Hamburg. The studio was founded in 2020 by Cyrill Kuhlmann and operates in a collaborative practice that works in ongoing partnerships with artists, curators, architects, designers, editors, institutions and companies.

Cyrill Kuhlmann (COPE Studio), Photograph by Jonas Holthaus.

COPE Studio specializes in developing powerful visual presences, both in the analogue and digital world. COPE Studio achieves this through image design, moving images and photography- all in the interplay with typography. Cyrill Kuhlmann is an art director who has given visual identity to various media brands in recent years – including NEON, Nido, DB mobil and BOA. He has also worked with various cultural institutions, including museums such as Marta Herford or the Museum Kurhaus Kleve.

Selected experiences
of Cyrill Kuhlmann in recent years

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