• Art Edition by Arno Beck and Philip Gerald
    • Signed and numbered by the artist Arno Beck
    • 145 × 210 mm
    • Limited Edition of 150
    • 28 Pages
    • Risography Print
    • Text by Philip Gerald, Illustrations by Arno Beck
    • Printed on 120 g/m2 MP Extra WW Paper
    • Printed at Studio Hou Hou, Leipzig
    • Shipped safely by the artist Arno Beck himself

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Arno Beck’s prints and conceptual paintings evolve around digital aesthetics and focus on analog production of digital images. Engaging with the language of digital culture the motifs are based on low resolution computer graphics, games and interfaces. It is an interplay between the contemporary digital screen world and traditional techniques.

ARNO BECK (*1985) studied at the Düsseldorf Art Academy with Markus Lüpertz, Eberhard Havekost, and others. Since 2015 he has had numerous exhibitions and is considered an important position within post-digital discourses. He lives and works in Bonn.

Philip Gerald’s paintings aim to narrate and characterise his own anxieties in the least serious way possible. Pointlessly recreating crude, digital drawings with analogue techniques, his subtly painted saccharine images depict figures and scenarios draped in a veil of humour and unease.

PHILIP GERALD (*1992) lives and works in Dublin. He has exhibited work with galleries including The Garage Amsterdam; Galerie Droste, Paris and Plastic Murs, Valencia.